Our Cuisine

Tuscany is famous all over the world for the beauty of its countryside, from the mountains to the rolling hills down to the coastal plain, with each area having its own gastronomic traditions. From the land and from the sea our ancestors have taught us how to savour the flavours of the products that this region has to offer, a plentiful supply of fresh fish, meats, cheeses and other specialities that have contributed to creating the splendid tradition known as the Cucina Toscana - Tuscan Cuisine.

At the restaurant "Giusto di sale" in Piano di Conca, we wish to try and honour this tradition by reproposing even ancient recipes like Peposo dell'Impruneta, a rich black pepper beef stew or Buglione alla contadina, braised mixed cuts of meat, Colli ripieni, stuffed chicken necks in broth and Trippa alia fiorentina, tripe Florentine style, not to mention the traditional dishes like Ribollita thick Tuscan vegetable soup, bean soup alla Frantoiana, Farinata di cavolo nero, a thick vegetable soup of black cabbage, Taglierini pasta with beans and Carabaccia traditional onion soup. Apart from the classical grilled steak dishes, we propose dishes like roast kid, wild boar, venison and a selection of game.

Pan of fisherman's seafood, baked gurnard fish (gallinella), sea bream oven-baked in paper, mixed fried fish Viareggio style and mussels with pepper are just some examples of our selection of seafood.

Our homemade cakes and tarts like apple tart with chocolate, ricotta flan, pear strudel with chocolate and walnuts or our own cheescake with a base of amaretti are just some of the desserts which will complete a meal in our company at the "Giusto di Sale".

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